• Expedited - When you need to transport freight in a hurry.   TRG Global Logistics has the network of expedited and team carriers available.
  • Owner-Operators - We provide access to the high-paying freight that only a strategic, successful, global company like TRG Global Logistics can offer. Whether you own a single truck or are interested in building an entire fleet.  We offer a variety of operating options to help run and grow your small business.
  • Hazmat - TRG Global Logistics specializes in the shipment of Hazardous Materials via Interstate, Intrastate, Foreign carriers, by rail car, aircraft, motor vehicle and vessel.
  • Project Freight - TRG Global Logistics offers project freight execution associated with holidays, severe weather, produce season, disaster relief and other seasonal surges. We utilize services often used for project freight like multi-drop, power-only, drop-trailers and more.
  • High-Risk/High-Value - TRG Global Logistics has the capacity and experience to provide adequate and secure transport for high-value freight, from electronics to beverages, including alcohol, pharmaceuticals and more.
  • Specialized LTL Team - The LTL team has a staff who knows the ins and outs of LTL capacity, pricing and opportunity.
  • Multi-modal Options - TRG Global Logistics help customers identity modal conversion opportunities to convert LTL freight to truckload or inter-modal.  Services which in most cases are likely to reflect a substantial savings for our clients.
  • Dedicated Tracking - The TRG Global Logistics team tracks every LTL load that comes through over system on a daily basis.

Our Story

We have studied the  3PL services down to the science of making logistics management user friendly, giving our customers peace of mind.

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Are you interested in partnering with TRG Global Logistics? We are always seeking reputable carriers, shippers and brokers to include in our network.  We will require reliable equipment, dependable drivers, integrity and most importantly a commitment to providing superior customer service.  What you can expect in return is expedient carrier settlements and to be treated with respect