Audit & Compliance

We stay abreast of new and proposed transportation rules and regulations to ensure that our clients are in compliance.  We have experience managing various types of onsite agency audits and inspections. We provide comprehensive support services to assist our clients with compliance and non-compliance issues.


Cargo Inspections

We provide the expertise to inspect cargo and cargo spaces prior to shipping assuring that the cargo is loaded, stowed and secured in a proper and safe manner.  Our staff can be at the port of destination to supervise cargo discharged, loaded and secured properly for inland transportation.



We offer employee training (classroom or online) for employees and supervisors on DOT Hazardous Materials shipping, drug and alcohol awareness and reasonable suspicion processes and procedures.


Insurance Claims Management

We provide specialized loss consultation services for transportation, freight and equipment loss claims.  We helps our clients resolve even the most difficult claims.


Pre-Binding Risk Assessments

We assist cargo underwriters with shipping requirements for various commodities. We provide logistics support by advising our customers with special handling shipping instructions; to include hazards and general shipping guidelines of the regulated and non-regulated commodities.


Drug Test Program Management

We customize and manage your company's drug test program to ensure your company and employees are well-versed to follow Federal Commercial Driver's License requirements to include alcohol and controlled substance testing rules and requirements.



Warehouse Inspection

We perform inspections of warehousing and storage facilities prior to arrival to ensure safe handling of goods.  We provide information on the destination's location safety, security, warehousing, operation's equipment, contractors, cargo handling and vessel schedules.

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